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I got a MSc in Veterinary Clinical Ethology in 2005 by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, my Master’s thesis was “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Transportability to Veterinary Clinical Practice”.  I got very interested in Animal-Assisted Therapies, especially for the people that I was working with during that time, people with a diagnosis of chronic schizophrenia who were living in long-term residential facilities within the Hospital. 

Fundacio La Caixa funded us to do a pilot testing of a brief animal-assisted intervention for these patients, at that time there were no animal-assisted programs in the facilities.

Nowadays, the program is active in the Children’s Hospital.


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PROJECT TITLE: Application of a pet-assisted therapy for people with chronic schizophrenia. FINANCIAL ENTITY: Fundació La Caixa. LENGTH FROM: 01/01/2007 TO: 31/12/2007. AMOUNT: 20.000 €

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